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Bronze Real Estate Package: 3 Month, 1-on-1 Coaching Program


Bronze Package Real Estate: 2 Month 1-on-1 Coaching Program

  • 3 Private Skype Coaching Sessions With Andreas Pylarinos (60 min)for personalized coaching, a personalized program with objective set at a strong foundation of entry level knowledge in Real Estate investing
  • Email Support, so you can get all of your most pressing questions answered (one per day)

Session 1:

  • Costs of Real Estate
  • Rules of Real Estate
  • Types of Real Estate
  • Real Estate Reading
  • Variables of Real Estate

Session 2:

  • How to determine Real Estate
  • Maintenance of Real Estate
  • Real Estate Pros/Cons
  • Real Estate Reads
  • Variables of Real Estate

Session 3:

  • Condo / Townhouse / Residential
  • Rental Income
  • Rolling Equity Over
  • Real Estate Reads
  • Your Money or Banks Money

This is a 3 month program with 3 - 1 hr sessions.There is currently only 1 spot remaining for this coaching program. The 12 Week Coaching Program is available for only $2100 + fee 5%.  Mavericks Only - please login first to signup: 


Once you sign up, you will receive an email with details to get started.

If there's any questions, you can send them to Andreas using the Contact link below.