Andreas' program has taught me how to think and act like a business person. It's really like a mini-MBA program. He starts with foundational strategies then moves onto more advanced topics. The funny thing is I start to think, talk and act differently when it comes to business, finances and not just my publishing business. Over the past number of months, I've learned a lot, applied a lot and continue to see the opportunity that Andreas' coaching program provides. My publishing business is healthy and growing and I've launched a service based business that has already become profitable. It's not too often that you get access to someone who is a self-made millionaire so this has been a unique opportunity. Overall, I look forward to working with Andreas into the future as I know my return on investment will continue to be very high!

Nick Canada

My coaching with Andreas has helped me get through many obstacles while building my kindle business. Being able to PM him at any time has been invaluable. Not only has the specific “Kindle Business” advice been great but also the mindset that he teaches. The forum is jam packed with high value information and answers to most of your questions. I’m a big believer in coaching and my experience with Andreas has been very rewarding.

Jared Australia

I began my business in February, 2014 and after almost 6 months of struggling I was getting discouraged. What had started out to be a seemingly profitable venture for me was now declining in profit at a steady pace. I was on the verge of giving up, until one day I stumbled upon Andreas Pylarinos’ program and from then on my business has never been the same Within a month my business was transformed and it was absolutely amazing to see the transition it underwent after only a few sessions with him. I was able to see the mistakes that I was making and where I could improve. It gave me the motivation and drive that I needed to make my business successful, while guiding me with a proven structure for success! This has been one of the best experiences of my life and promoted not only my business, but my personal development as well. Andreas is a skilled business man that promoted the ideas of motivation, self-development, and hard work. It has been a pleasure to be part of his program!

Sarah Almand
Sarah Almand USA

I came to Andreas brand new to Kindle Publishing and with no online experience whatsoever. I knew exactly what I wanted however I also knew I lacked the experience and know-how to get there in the time frame I had in mind. For me it was about setting up a solid foundation that could support sustained long term growth. I wanted to set my business up right from the start and wanted to short cut the learning curve. Andreas has helped by directing me down the right path, access to services that you can't find anywhere else and helped me develop a staged approach to the publishing of books that puts the entire process into perspective. There's little doubt in my mind that if you are committed and willing to learn then you will succeed a lot faster under his guidance that without it. His system and approach will set you apart from the pack, no doubt. How far is up to you.

Richard Australia

The Andreas Pylarinos Coaching program has been a life changer for me. With Andreas’s help, guidance and support, I have more than tripled my income in 2 months!  Andreas has an in-depth understanding of business, marketing and money-matters. He has created programs that are easy to understand and simple to follow.  He has been able to take complex information and simplify it in a way that total beginners can understand, grow and benefit from.  His program is worth the investment and I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to advance their business and growth.

Mary Solomon
Mary Solomon USA

I started working with Andreas late December and have been coached by him for 2 months. It was such a life changing experience. I remember laying in bed being broke and unhappy about my financial situation, just starting the Kindle Money Mastery program his brother, Stefan, provides. He messaged me one day and asked me "you thinking of coaching? or you want to do it the hard way. lol." I was hesitant to get started since I didn't have the money, but there was an deep hunger to find a way. And I did. I opened up a credit card line to get started in his coaching. If there's a will, there's a way, right? I'm glad I made that decision. I've learned so much about how a business works from him that it really expanded my mind. In my first month of Kindle publishing, I made my first $100 off my first book. I did NOT have any internet marketing experience prior to Kindle publishing. Now, I'm overseeing a staff that's helping me build this business and it's exponentially growing. On top of that, I was inspired to start another business up in my local community. All because of my experience working with him. Andreas, thank you for pouring into me your wisdom and expanding my mind to new limits. I'm so grateful. For those who are serious about taking their business to the next level, stop thinking, take ACTION and get coached by Andreas. You will not regret it.

Raphy Feolino
Raphy Feolino USA

Hey guys! I just wanted to write a quick word about where I’m at and how much progress I’ve made with KMM and in particular Andreas’ coaching. I cannot tell you how much this program, and coaching with Andreas has changed my outlook on Kindle and business in general. If you’re considering whether or not go all in with Kindle, or whether or not consider coaching – I strongly recommend both. A bit about me: I want to preface this by saying I have not been in a hurry to build a huge portfolio right out of the gate. I published 1 book about 2 years ago, before I knew about KMM and it did ok, then it faded away. So I got restarted with kindle about 3-4 months ago. This time I preferred to setup a system that is completely scalable and as automated as humanly possible. Also, like many of you I am BUSY. I already own multiple online businesses, and easily generated 6 figures+ in my latest business within the first 12 months. Point being, like many of you I have other things that take up my time, and I really wanted an automated source of cash flow. Being that this is not my first rodeo, I do know an amazing business/system when I see one. Trust me Kindle, KMM, and coaching is it! What KMM and Coaching has done: Since I joined Andreas’ coaching, I’ve been able to completely setup a system that will scale my kindle business. I’m not the one swapping reviews, not the one writing my books, not the one designing my covers, and in fact I don’t even organize/coordinate all of that! That’s all done by my new team of Vas, who follow a system and rules. Obviously I check in to make sure everything is done – but that’s minutes per day. This system is all setup, and it has been proven to be profitable for me. I can handle publishing 25++ books per month with my current team and it is time to scale! If I want to publish more than that per month, it’s as simple as growing my team over the following week or two. Pretty amazing right?! As far as dollar figure earnings which I know is on all of your mind – my goal was not dollar figure earnings within the first 3-4 months, it was to setup a scalable system that could get me to an additional 10K/month while not taking up all of my time/effort now, or in the future. I’m happy to say I’ll easily get there before the fall, and probably significantly sooner, should I decide to speed the process up. Plus – I started an amazing service/business that was inspired by my coaching with Andreas – which is already profitable, and will help many kindle publishers succeed with Kindle even faster. So not only did I learn how to setup a scalable system for publishing books, I started a new business as well. Quite honestly this changed my life, and the system/processes are making their way into other areas of my life including my other businesses. I wrote this from my point of view to hopefully help a few of you out there who are wondering if they should really go all in with the KMM training or kindle. If you’re looking to scale, and completely change your life, I wholeheartedly recommend coaching with Andreas as well. I know there are more inspiring stories, but I hope this helps even just one of you. If you notice, the theme from the successful people here is always the same. Keep moving, keep taking action, keep improving, and you will succeed with this!


Andreas started working with me and helping me structure my Kindle business in a better way and it showed in my results right away. He really understands the business and can bring a whole new level of structure and organizational skills to your business and how you run it on a daily basis. Within 3 months I had tripled my royalties and things are heading in a direction of higher growth. I would recommend his services because of the time he has put into testing all of the strategies he offers and bringing a proven track record to what he teaches. To anyone considering his services I would say that if you are considering and on the fence about it, then you really need to find a way to make it happen because he can make that big of a difference. Any investment in your business is really an investment in yourself and your own confidence that you can get it done and be successful.

Michael Dunar
Michael Dunar USA

Having Andreas coach me was an exceptional experience. I'm very happy I signed up with him as I began my publishing business or I would have wasted time and money going in the wrong direction. Every session was incredibly mind-opening and pure value, no crap. My business is off to a great start and immediately making money, simply by following exactly what Andreas told me to do. If you're serious about being successful you need a mentor like this. Also, the forum is a wonderful environment to be in. Very positive, smart people working diligently away, encouraging each other and helping each other out. A great place to be!

Marek United Kingdom

I’ve been through several different training programs before but nothing quite like the Maverick publishing coaching program. During our first session Andreas pointed out some key mistakes that I was making and as soon as I fixed them I noticed a bump up in sales immediately. Not only is Andreas very focused on ensuring that you are given the tools to succeed, but one thing that truly makes it worthwhile is that he genuinely cares about each of his student’s success. He does this by providing 1-on-1 coaching tailored to each person’s individual needs and an active forum community of like-minded entrepreneurs that inspire you to push the envelope towards achieving your goals. I highly recommend anyone looking to succeed in publishing or business in general to give the Maverick Coaching program a try. You’ll learn a lot about how to think like a business owner, how to maximize your profit potential by creating a quality product and build a solid team to help you scale up, which is nearly impossible without the right guidance. What’s even more important is that you’ll find the motivation to finally take action that will lead to your ultimate success regardless of what business you are in!

Danny Liu
Danny Liu USA

Hello my name is Yoann Charles Bomal, I wanted to share with you my experience with Andreas Pylarinos Coaching. At the time I am writing these lines, I have had my 5th coaching session yesterday and I’m already starting to think outside the box. In only two month of coaching, I have achieved the following: I have build a team of awesome VAs that allow me to increase my business faster than ever, I have been from publishing 2 books per month to publish 2 books per week, I have a system on line to run my business easily, I work less and I publish more and better, my income went to $600 to $1,450 in just one month, I going to reach $2k next month, I am about to set up my very first corporation… My short term goal is to make $5000 by June 30th, and I have no doubt I will reach it. And the Key thing is not my money goal, the key is that I have NO DOUBT I will succeed, Andreas teaches you a system, a mindset, he teaches you how to set up your business, protect it, how to think like a businessman and even more. Another thing, when you enter into the forum community, the Kindle process becomes SIMPLE. The services include in the forum allows you to use a writing service, description service, formatting service, cover service; etc, I use to take a lot of time to create my books, descriptions, etc This is also priceless. If you are really committed, you will also learn how to run a successful creatspace business, audible, and what to do with your kindle money… Taking Andreas Coaching it’s making a significative change in your kindle business right away and it’s also thinking longterm… I can't encourage you enough to learn from him, it’s life changing!

Yoann Bomal
Yoann Bomal France