"Where collaboration will foster growth and your success!”


  • Benefit 1 - Group coaching with Andreas Pylarinos leading the Live Webinar format with Q&A designated time for all members.
  • Benefit 2 - Experiences shared by myself and others that will foster efficiency, effectiveness
  • Benefit 3 - Discussions to include Kindle, Createspace, Audible, Fiction, Non Fiction, Promoting, Short Term, Long Term Strategies
  • Benefit 4 - Discussions how Amazons online platforms can relate to real life situations for business outside of the online world
  • Benefit 5 - Discussions of accountability
  • Benefit 6 - Discussions on Productivity
  • Benefit 7 - Goals will be established
  • Benefit 8 - Ideas will be encouraged for efficiency, colaboration, and long term efficiency/success
  • Benefit 9 - Encouragement of new developments, strategies and "The Next Best Thing"
  • Benefit 10 - Tips and whats hot will be revealed through colaboration


  • Purpose 1 - To encourage more colaboration, to build ones confidence in a community
  • Purpose 2 - To encourage and foster like minded entreprenuers whose goals and purpose is to achieve, sustain and move forward
  • Purpose 3 - To encourage leadership, to generate and motivate progression beyond kindle
  • Purpose 4 - To give those who don’t get the chance to share or help others like they usually don’t
  • Purpose 5 - To hold oneself accountable, to hold oneself on a path, a goal an overall objective
  • Purpose 6 - To give those more time to get their questions answered not only by me but by those who might also have great input that leads to "thinking outside the box"


  • - Twice a month
  • - Mid month Thursday 10am
  • - Last Thursday in the month 10am


  • - All sessions will be Live Webinar format
  • - All sessions will recorded and provided to members only
  • - Cost: $150 plus tax a month recurring

Guarantees and Refund Policy

Note: The Maverick "War Room" for Entrepreneurs is only open to Maverick Kindle Business Program Members.

Although I am confident my coaching program can help any serious person be successful, I make no guarantees as to what income level you will reach. Not only would it be illegal for me to do so, it would be irresponsible, as I cannot force you to implement what you learn. And I especially cannot guarantee that you will even login or participate. It is completely up to you.

Regarding refunds, I have only been asked for one in the past year. That should give you an indicator of the quality of the program. And I am very careful of who I work with, because I do not want to work with tire kickers or complainers.

If you are desperate and considering using the last remaining money you have in your bank, I DO NOT want your money. I prefer to work with folks who are financially stable, have a job, etc. If you are looking for a magic wand or anything like that, this is not for you. This is about creating a real, sustainable business for you, and there will be some expense and time required.

But please know that since my time is irreplaceable that I do not give refunds. This program is not for people with a refunder mentality.

With that said, if you are ready to get serious about investing in yourself and reaching the next level in your business, let’s do this!