Why Become A MAVERICK?

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Why Become A Maverick?

Because you want to learn how to run a business that you can implement not only in kindle but in any venture you pursue in the future. Watch the videos to see why others joined.

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Maverick Program Testimonials

The Maverick Program

  • How will becoming a MAVERICK help you?

    Because to be a Maverick you are after what many wish to pursue. The notion of becoming a true entrepreneur, the ability to dream but implement, the ability to not only have an idea but also the strategy through mindset on how to achieve. More importantly direction on what it takes to not only make money but to sustain growth longterm.

  • How will Coaching from the MAVERICK Program help you specifically?

    The Maverick Program focuses on providing every member the step by step process of how to run a business (kindle as the platform to learn), how to scale up through growth, how to automate through growth, and most importantly how to shift from being an author to a publisher to a manager to a business operator to finally a business owner. All through coaching of not only processes, systems, and strategy that Andreas implemented to reach a 7 figure income online.

More About the Program

  • What support will a Maverick receive?

    Everything imaginable. The program foster quality over quantity. But due to its unique design and systems allows scaling up possible very easily if valued. As well support within the Maverick Community is overwhelming. Members are provided 24 hour support by not only their coach but also mentors who want to give back for their success in the Maverick Coaching Program. Finally, services have been designed based on quality and reliability to assist every member coached to make failing impossible. If used and implemented the coaching’s results are positively endless and depend primarily on the Mavericks desires.

  • What does private coaching with Andreas get you?

    Andreas devotion to share everything he has failed, succeeded and most importantly implemented not only in Amazon platforms but across his portfolio of companies. Andreas will provide you with anything that will allow you to succeed achieving your goals you have in life!

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you